Designer Dolly Donshey

Designer Dolly Donshey


1. One that is monstrous.

2. The quality or character of being monstrous.

[Middle English. Monstruosite, from Old French. Mnstrsits from Late Latin. Mnstrusus from Latin.]


Monstruosité, a high fashion millinery brand, was established in 2010 by designer and creative director 23-year-old Dolly Donshey, after studying the art of hat making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski, alumni of the Melbourne School of Millinery in Australia. 

From inception, the brand has focused heavily on bringing concepts to life by integrating music, art and theatrical elements to showcase the ideas behind the designs. Monstruosité views fashion and millinery as a way to tell a story and push creative boundaries, while also focusing the utmost attention to detail. While always staying true to the traditional art of millinery, Monstruosité implements a modern flair to hat-making by experimenting with unexpected and nontraditional materials.  

The company releases two lines seasonally, a couture line of statement pieces especially created for celebrities, stylists and fashionistas around the globe, and a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday woman to look both confident and sexy. Since the launch of its first collection, Monstruosité has been featured in publications and news channels around the world and has had designs walk down the runway of both Miami and Tampa Bay fashion weeks.

To ensure the highest quality control for every hat or accessory purchased, 100% of every look is domestically produced in the USA. 

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